Fall 2001

President's Message

The River Otter in Missouri
From endangered through reintroduction to trapping, Missouri's North American river otter story is long and controversial to some.

Searching for Otters (in the U.S.)

An otter encounter in the U.S.

Tracking Tips...Otters and Other Critters
Want to know how to find otters? Check out this great guide by Paul Polechla, Jr., Ph.D.

Update on African Otters
Dr. Jo Thompson updates us on African Otters from the 14 August 2001 IUCN/SSC Otter Specialist Group workshop.



Otter Updates
By Tracy Johnston

The Ocean Journey Conservation Program has given approval to fund three river otter research/reintroduction-related proposals
1.) Dr. Paul Polechla will study the presence of river otters and habitat suitability on the Rio Grande and its tributaries in south central Colorado near the New Mexico border.
2.) Drs. Nathan Nibbelink, Merav Ben-David, and Gail M. Blundell will complete a Spatial Model of Dispersion to study the feasibility and rate of natural recolonization of river otters following reintroduction programs.
3.) Dr. Ben-David will oversee a population survey for river otters in Rocky Mountain National Park conducted by the University of Wyoming's Student Chapter of Wildlife Society.

The Wildlife Conservation Society Research Fellowship Program (RFP)
RFP) awards small grants to field research projects leading directly to the conservation of threatened wildlife and wildlife habitat. The RFP will support fieldwork on a wide spectrum of wildlife species, habitats, and conservation issues. The RFP does not support research in North America, Australia or Europe. For more information or an application, contact:

Program Coordinator, Research Fellowship Program
Wildlife Conservation Society
2300 Southern Blvd., Bronx, NY 10460
ph: 718-220-6828; fax: 718-364-4275
e-mail: fellowship@wcs.org
web: wcs.org/home/wild/researchfellowship/4596

Applications must be post-marked by January 1 or July 1 of every year.

The New York River Otter Project Celebrates
The New York River Otter Project's Board of Directors hosted a June 9, 2001, celebration of the river otters' successful return to Central and Western New York. The celebration honored the 100+ persons who volunteered approximately 54,000 hours on the six-year acquisition stage of the project, which spanned from1995-2001. Biologist Dennis Money from Rochester Gas & Electric Corporation heads the project. Visit the River Otter Project web site at www.nyotter.org for highlights on the reintroduction program.

Lillie at five weeks old.
Photo by Tracy Johnston

Sexy Sadie's River Otter Pups Begin Working
Sexy Sadie's river otter pups, Lyle and Lillie, born on March 7, 2001, at the Rocky Mountain Ark Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, have already begun work representing their species. The pups have attended numerous educational and other functions this past summer and fall, including the Colorado Division of Wildlife's river otter population survey training and a volunteer appreciation luncheon. The third pup, a male, did not survive.

Lyle (top) and Lyle and Lillie (bottom) at ten weeks old.
Photos by Toni Leuthold

More Otter Updates - Fall 2001!