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Matching game    

        Here is Otternet's Matching game, a five question little quiz to touch on your knowlege of otters.

Review the OTTERNET home page first for clues !

Select the option you think is right under each question.

        1. How many species of otters are there?
        a. 2
        b. 13
        c. 20
        d. 8

        2. Which continent do otters not live on?
        a. Antarctica
        b. Australia
        c. Otters don't live on either of the above
        d. Otters live on both of the above

        3. Which otter uses tools?
        a. The Eurasian otter
        b. The River otter
        c. The Neotropical otter
        d. The Sea otter

        4. Otters belong to which of the following families?
        a. Mustelidae - cousins to ferrets
        b. Otarlidae - cousins to fur seals
        c. Viverridae - cousins to mongooses
        d. Castoridae - cousins to beavers

        5. Otters are threatened due to what?
        a. Habitat destruction
        b. Illegal poaching for their fur
        c. Pollution and contamination
        d. All of the above