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        Otterpong is a fun game to play. Use the mouse up and down to move the otter up and down. Try to hit the sea urchins to keep them from dying.

Watch out for the sharks who will paralyze you ! Also their aftershock may get you if you get to close after the shark passes you !

Object: Get as many sea urchins going as possible (yum yum) !


<IMG SRC="otterPong.gif" WIDTH=592 HEIGHT=350 BORDER=0> How to play:
Move the mouse up and down to move the otter up and down. Try to hit the sea urchins, to keep them from dying. Watch out for sharks - they paralyze you ! They also have aftershock which is immediately behind the shark after it passes, which also will freeze the otter for a moment.

"n" gives you a new urchin. You can only press it if you have less than three urchins out. You can only press it once every ten seconds. Hokay?

"p" pauses the game. The shark cannot eat you.

10 sea urchins maximum going at a time (can you really get that high ? We couldn't.) If you reach 10 sea urchins at a time, e-mail me / leave me a message, and I will usher the stars to make a new constellation in your honor.

1) It shows a shockwave sign, with a bar at the bottom, or just blackness without anything.
Answer: It's not done loading! If you wait about a minute and it does not say "Loading Pong . . .", then you probably don't have the plugin. Get it here.

B) The urchins are bouncing, but I can't move the bouncy-thingy up and down! Help!
Answer: Try clicking inside the area in which urchins are bouncing

2) The keys aren't working! I can't pause or get a new ball!
Answer: Click on the pong area, keystrokes aren't being accpeted by this area.

5) It shows a gif of some sort of screen. Wierd.
Answer: You don't have the plug-in! Download it! Now!

D) It says "Loading Pong . . ."! What do I do!
Answer:Wait a couple minutes. It shouldn't take much longer. As long as you see the three dots cycling "." then ". ." then ". . ." then repeating, it's loading. Don't worry, fun is on its way.

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