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Reference - Who Is Otternet ?    

Who Created Otternet ?

   A group of individuals from Rochester, New York (USA) launched Otternet in July 1998 to help educate people on otters from throughout the world. There is limited resource information on this fascinating creature and these individuals are determined to make easily available a great deal of information on otters. The ultimate goal is support for the conservation of otters through better understanding of the environment around us. The material presented has been gleaned from publically available sources and contacts, with a major portion referenced from the IUCN's (World Conservation Union's) 1990 publication "Otters: An Action Plan for their Conservation".

   As with all reference sites, however, there is opportunity for error no matter how frequently we proofread our pages and validate facts. If you find any errors please send us a note so we can correct them.

   Otternet is now clearly the largest resource on otters on the world wide web, with over 50 pages of information, movies, pictures and sounds for those interested to browse. Otternet has also reached out to the professional community and hosts the IUCN Otter Listserve as well as supporting the River Otter Alliance through hosting their web site. Questions sent to Otternet are forwarded to professionals caring for or researching otters depending on the expertise required.

How Do I Reference Otternet material in my paper ?

   The Modern Language Association (MLA) provides guidelines on referencing World Wide Web sites in papers. If preparing a paper for a class or teacher, please be sure to use the guidelines provided by the class or teacher. Otternet believes the following Professional Site example is the proper reference for the Sea Otter Species page as an example:

OTTERNET.COM - Sea Otter Species Page. Otternet.com. 11 May 2002.

When is Otternet Updated ?

    The last update of Otternet was completed on May 11, 2002. Ongoing updates are made weekly to various parts of the site. A full update is expected in 2002-2003 to reflect the new 2000 Otter Action Plan being prepared by the IUCN.

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